The Mountain Escape - Vacation Rental

-- Woodland Park , CO -- 


Are you ready to escape? Maybe it’s time to take a break from the day-to-day grind? Book The Mountain Escape in Woodland Park, the City above the Clouds, today!


The Mountain Escape is a beautifully remodeled four-bedroom, two-bathroom single family residence that sleeps up to ten people and is located within walking distance of downtown Woodland Park. 


Enjoy blue ribbon fishing, countless hiking trails, Pikes Peak, neighborhood parks, breweries, Santa’s Workshop, local restaurants, the Dinosaur Resource Center, and an inviting small-town community. For additional savings, check with Great Family Property Management for exclusive discounts at several restaurants and various outdoor activities. 


While at The Mountain Escape, relax and enjoy a variety of amenities which include high speed internet, board games, movies, a firepit, classic arcade games, ping pong, and much more. 


Finally, don’t forget to take your picture with the life sized Slimer…


Great Family Property Management invites you to book The Mountain Escape today and let us be the first to say, Welcome to the Family! 

Main Street

Do you like adventure? Do you want to learn more about Woodland Park? How would you like to support the local economy while earning your chance to crack the safe loaded with an assortment of cash and prizes*? If you answered yes to these questions, click Find Out More to learn how you can participate in the Scavenger Hunt at the City above the Clouds. 

*Prizes may vary; total estimated value will likely not exceed $100)

Pikes Peak

Woodland Park is in the middle of an outdoor wonderland. When you stay at The Mountain Escape you enter a world where you get to choose your own adventure. You’ll be close to Blue Ribbon Fishing, Off Roading, Cliff Dwellings, Reservoirs, Golfing, Hiking, Gambling, Ghost Towns, Theme Parks, Wolf Encounters, and much, much more. Get ready to make some memories and have an adventure of a lifetime.