Scavenger Hunt in The City Above The Clouds

Great Family Property Management is offering a chance to crack the safe located at the Mountain Escape - Vacation Rental for successfully completing the City Above the Clouds Scavenger Hunt. You will need a camera and a Facebook account to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. Be sure to review the rules prior to starting the Scavenger Hunt. Finally, please contact Great Family Property Management with questions or concerns. 

Scavenger Hunt Checklist


Take a selfie with Slimer and post it to The Mountain Escape Facebook Page. 


Take a picture of a local critter (bird, fish, deer, or another animal) and post it to The Mountain Escape Facebook Page. 


Dine at one of the preferred restaurants on the Places to Eat page and post a picture of your meal on The Mountain Escape Facebook Page. 


Ask the Google Assistant what the current temperature is in Woodland Park and post it to The Mountain Escape Facebook Page. Hint: The Google Assistant is located on the kitchen counter. 


Visit one of the places on the Things to Do page and post a picture of it on The Mountain Escape Facebook Page. 


Take a picture of your highest score on one of the arcade games at The Mountain Escape and post the score and the name of the game to the Mountain Escape Facebook Page. 

The Rules

Contact Us

Once you have completed the Scavenger Hunt contact us for the code to the safe via AirBNB, the VRBO chat, or at

Keep it Clean

All posts must be family friendly. If a post is not family friendly the Scavenger hunt will be considered null and void.

Standard Legal

Great Family Property Management reserves the right to award or deny access to the safe at the sole discretion of the owner. 

Post the Evidence

Pictures must be posted to the Mountain Escape Facebook Page prior to the departure.

Don't Trash the Place

The Mountain Escape must be left in the same condition that it was received. 

Liability Waver

The Scavenger Hunt is voluntary. Great Family Property Management cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise from participating in the Scavenger Hunt.

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